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Your Mindset can Lead You to Prosperity and Happiness

18 Feb , 2014  

Your Mindset can Lead You to Prosperity and Happiness

Does prosperity lead to happiness? The relation between the two is not so simple.  Researchers show that there is a certain financial threshold, any increase in income beyond this threshold doesn’t affect your happiness level. In USA the curve of happiness level vs. income saturates at $75000 annual income. Yet, our average employment income is $35,293, less than a half of the “happiness mark”. Despite all popular positive psychology teachings, it is very hard these days to be poor and happy.

The reason I am writing this article is the book that I read on a plane from Seattle after visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. The book was a present from my father, I guess he really wants me to be rich and happy.

Would you like to go to bed poor and wake up rich? Well, Dr. Joseph Murphy claims that this is an actual possibility in his book “The Power of your Sub-Conscious Mind.”

Murphy’s book focuses on, as the title suggests, what your sub-conscious mind can do, and apparently it is significantly more powerful than most people realize. For example, just thinking and imagining certain things can result in them happening. More…